Friday, 26 June 2015

My Happiness

This is going to be cheesy. And sappy. But hopefully come out in a sweet romantic way that it won't even matter. 

It's currently 12:47am and I'm laying down trying to sleep because I have work tomorrow. I had a good night. BBQ with my boyfriend and friends. I ate so much. I'm happy and I'm full of some good BBQ foods. I watch the rest of season one of Orange is the New Black. 

But I'm laying here and I can't sleep. Probably because my boyfriend is next to me snoring his head off. And yet I'm laying here smiling but sort of crying too. It's hard to believe sometimes that I am lucky enough to know this boy. I'd rather be with his loud, annoying, obnoxious snoring self than be without him. I would be so lucky to be able to spend the rest of my life with him and that's exactly what I hope is going to happen. 

Everyone deserves to feel love like this on their life. The kind of love that "even if it's almost 1am and you've had a busy shit week working your ass off and now you're just tired as hell and want to sleep, yet you can't even bring yourself to wake him up to stop the snoring because you love him that much" kind of love. 

I'm tired and I'm crying, but I'm happy. I'm happy and I'm so in love. 

I hope everyone gets to know this feeling at least once in their life. 

Monday, 15 June 2015

Everything Happens For a Reason

I am (and always have been) a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Even when things aren't going my way or turning out how I had hoped for or planned. I know that's the hardest time to believe in something you swear by (when it's not working out for you).

Now I believe in a lot of things. Some of those beliefs have changed over time (I can't say I am 19 years old and still believe in Santa or the Tooth Fairy), but for the most part my beliefs have just grown with me. 

I believe in fate.
I believe in karma.
I believe in love.
I believe in science.
I believe in the power of positive thinking. 
But I also believe hard work and consistent effort will always work out in the end. 

And now even though I truely believe everything happens for a reason I can't help but wonder why some things happen to me at all. 
Like did I deserve to do badly on that assignment I tried so hard on?
Do I deserve for it to be so difficult to find a job that I actually enjoy?
Did I deserve to get hit in the face from some fight some randoms guys had while clubbing?
Do I deserve to be miserable, even though I 150% know what's going to make me happy, but I still can't have it?

I guess I'm just feelings gloomy, which might be why I've neglected my blog a little bit for the last couple of weeks. 

I feel like I need a sign from the universe just to let me know that I'm okay and that I'm doing okay at life right now, because I can honestly say it doesn't feel like it. 

Thanks for reading, hopefully I'll be more back to my bubbly happy self soon.
Kristelle xx

Saturday, 13 June 2015


Last week, I got to go home. Not the home with my bed and all my stuff, but my favourite place in the world. Even better, I got to go there with a beautiful friend of mine, who is amazing company.

It was a random decision, first brought up by her, to go there before our last day of Uni. I'm so glad we did because it was one of the best days I have had in a long time. 

Jess (the previously mentioned beautiful friend) stayed at my house after we both finished work and we were up until literally 2:30 in the morning finishing off assignments due the next day (typical). We got up nice and early the next morning though and headed off to the beach for brunch and to just chill out. 

It was a gorgeous day (thank goodness). Sun was shining, barely any breeze and it was quiet. Peaceful. My favourite. 
Sun + salt + sand = winning combination
Beautiful view of the waves breaking as we sat on the beach talking for hours
When we first arrived, we headed over to one of the local cafes for brunch because we were hungry (like I always am lol). I had a lovely Panini and a latte, Jess had avocado and tomato on rye and we also shared an acai bowl. Pretty good brunch if you ask me. This cafe is the cutest and the people are lovely. Just an awesome place to be, great vibes.
The brunch that I had half eaten before the photo was taken because I'm impatient and I was too hungry haha
After we ate, we went for a wonder down to the beach where we sat for a very long time. We spoke to some locals, then sat on the sand. Jess kept up with her vlogging (check out her YouTube channel here, she's a babe). We took photos and laughed and smiled and sat at peace with the world. I've always found that watching the waves crash is so relaxing and it just let's me keep me my mind blank and free. 
Beach pics with the lovely Jess
There isn't really much else to say about how perfect the day was. Sitting and talking with a good friend, eating good food and relaxing in my favourite place was all that was needed to make this a good day. 

Not to mention there were way too many things that went bad/wrong with the day, but it doesn't even matter because for once I was focused on the good, not the bad. (We left my house late, stayed up until 2:30am doing an assignment, I left said assignment at home and we had to go back for it, traffic, uni lecture and doing badly on a quiz, lol). 

This day ended with me going to dinner and then bowling with my bestfriend (Amber) and it  was definitely a lot of fun. I suck at bowling btw. Our first game (no bumpers) I got just over 60 and she didn't even reach 50... Anyway! It was fun and that's all that matters.

Thanks for reading, until my next post
Kristelle xxx

Thursday, 11 June 2015

How Do I Feel About Sports?

I know most people who know me will automatically agree with me when I say I'm not a huge fan of sports. And then I'm sure a lot of people will ask why not? Let me just start by saying I wish I enjoyed sports. I really do. And then going with that, I wish Australian sports culture was more like what you see in American sports culture. You know what I'm talking about, even if I have just gotten this image from TV and the movies (I am 95% sure it is actually like this in real life though, based on the Americans I have met and spoken with). Everyone in the town gets behind the team, people live and breathe sport, sports events are like a major thing, high school sports teams; everyone knows everything about them... I think you all get what I mean.

I just find Australian sporting... dull? I think that's the word I would use. When I was younger I was really into it. I loved netball (most of the world will probably be wondering what that is hey) and I would watch matches, know players names and be pretty invested in who won. I also loved the NRL (football) and loved my team. I would go to games and be sad when we lost and happy when we won.  There's more but those are just the main two that I cared about or was invested in.

I really would love to find that spirit for sports I once had. It should be fun and exciting to get together with your friends and watch a match on TV at home or at the pub or something (lol), go to games even. The other night I felt like I was re-living my younger days because I went to my first football match in at least 3 years. I went with my family, boyfriend and 2 of my best girlfriends. It was a lot of fun (even though our team ended up losing 36-30 and we even had a 24 point lead at one point- but let's not dwell on that please...). We went to the leagues club afterwards and at food and talked for a couple more hours and it was a good night. 
Amber, Maddie and I with one of the mascots 
You can tell these pics were taken whilst we were winning because we were all very happy
Good nights like this make me appreciate the small things so much more. I would love to be able to go to more games and have more casual nights like this and to actually care again about who wins and who loses. It makes life just that bit more interesting, you know?

Feel free to check out my Instagram @krristelley or online here because I post a lot of photos of what I do there!
Thanks for reading, 
Stelle xxx

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Colour Run

Hey everyone! You all have absolutely no idea how excited I have been to (first of all) do the Colour Run) and then write this post!

I have always wanted to do a Colour Run because I had seen photos on Facebook and Instagram and it honestly just looked like it would be a lot of fun. The website describes it as "The Happiest 5K on the planet" and I think I would have to agree. Basically, for those of you who don't know, the Colour Run is a 5km walk/run (whatever you want to do) that money goes towards charity, and you get dressed up and then volunteers at stations throughout the course throw coloured paint at you and you get really really messy. It's a lot of fun. You also get your own paint to throw at each other at the end (and that's a lot of fun too). 

In the Glowtastic 2DayFM Photo Booth with Kieran feat. our minion headlamps
I got to do the colour run with Kieran this year. I bought tickets for the event months ago and I was so excited to finally get to do the event over the weekend. We got covered from head to toe in the coloured paint and felt like minions with our headlamps. 
Straight after the event, nice and messy- Kieran has a 'Happy' glow tattoo on the side of his neck haha
After the event- you can't see it but my hair was full of yellow and orange (yucky)
We ran about 1km, off and on and then walked the rest of the way because there were way too many people there to try and run the whole thing without stopping (plus we are too lazy for that anyway). The views of the harbour were beautiful and there were many people watching the event wondering what was actually going on (it was pretty funny watching their faces as we all threw paint at each other). 
Quick pic as we walked past the water looking onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House
I am very glad I chose to participate in the colour run this time, even better it was the first Night Colour Run in Australia. I definitely think they will have another one, it looked like such a huge success. After the event, Kieran and I were absolutely starving so we picked up some pizza on the way home. I had to get it and get out of the car and yes.... I was covered in paint still (not as bad because they have a 'cleaning station' at the event, but it was still all over my face). The pizza guy thought it was pretty funny and so did the other customers in the pizza store.

All up, it was so much fun and if there is ever a Colour Run event hosted near you, I definitely recommend that you take part in one because they are so much fun and for a good cause!

Thanks so much for reading 
Stelle xxx

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Tapas + Thai = a Great Birthday

Hey everyone! So this post is going to be based around the fact that it was my boyfriend's mum's birthday on Monday and we did a bunch of fun stuff to celebrate (with more to come??)

It was a milestone birthday (the big 50, but I wouldn't say that to anyone who is actually turning 50 haha). To sum up this post, we have just basically done a bunch of stuff to celebrate mostly revolving around food, because well who doesn't love food?? There was also a few random (funny) things that have happened in between but I will get to that later in the post. 
Beautiful place in a beautiful location (photo from their website)
The first celebration we had was a surprise lunch in the city on Sunday. Kieran and I had bought his parents a Tapas dining voucher that they were meant to enjoy on their own for a night out (lol). Instead, it was turned into a family event (which is totally fine by me because the food was amazing). His parents, Kieran, his brother and myself went to a lovely restaurant in Sydney part of the Nick's group called 'Stacks Taverna Bar & Restaurant'. If anyone around Darling Harbour in Sydney fancies a good meal at a good price with amazing customer service, I highly recommend this place. 

We enjoyed a range of Tapas dishes (which were very well priced and the portion sizes were huge), along with a cocktail jug (yum), pizza and churros for dessert. 

You can see about 3 of the 6 tapas dishes we shared, plus we had the pizzas
On the way home, Kieran and I found a puppy and long story short we tricked his mum into thinking we brought it home and it was in the living room because "it was too cold outside". It was funny but now it's left Kieran wanting a puppy even more (I promise we will get one when we move out okay).

That evening we were too excited to wait until the next day for presents, so we gave his mum her presents early and it is safe to say we scored about 264794728 points for being amazing present givers. We got her a card saying Happy 21st (lol), a 'joke' present which Kieran can take full credit for because it's embarrassing (again, lol), a nice perfume and a knife block set which she absolutely loved. I like giving presents when people so obviously love what they got.

The next evening (Monday, her birthday) we went out for a family dinner at a Thai restaurant local to where we live. I will say, not all the food was the best and it was freezing inside because
1) they had the doors wide open
2) No heat/air conditioning was on
3) It was actually only about 8-10 degrees Celsius outside
4) Refer back to 1 and 2 because my hands were frozen 

Again, we shared about 6 dishes and rice between 6 of us and a nice bottle of bubbly. After dinner, we went back to Kieran's place for a really nice red velvet birthday cake and to sing happy birthday. His entire house smelt like flowers because there were no less than about 5 or 6 bouquets in the house. 

I had a good time this 'weekend' with his family. The jokes are funny, the food is good and I don't think I stopped laughing the entire time. His dad also found it quite amusing when I pointed out I don't hang out with my own family, only theirs. Of course Kieran has to be dorky and point out "I am family" lol. 

Thanks for reading guys and gals. 
Kristelle xxx

Monday, 1 June 2015

Vivid Sydney + Clubbing?

Everyone out there who doesn't live in Sydney (most likely) will have absolutely no idea what I am talking with the title of this post. But I will do my absolute best to try and convey how beautiful the city of Sydney can actually be and give everyone here reading one amazing reason they should consider visiting Sydney in their lifetime (if you don't already live here that is haha). Sydney is beautiful.

I know a lot of people believe that were they live is boring, ugly or it really just isn't cool in any way whatsoever (because you are so used to it) but I beg to differ. There is beauty in everything if you look for it. I'm not particularly a huge fan of where I live (my actual suburb lol) but I find the city of Sydney (where I classify myself to live) beautiful, as is so much around it. If you've read my blog before you will know that I love my adventures and I love exploring new places and experiencing new things and I always try to do this and get out as much as possible. I don't like sitting at home and doing the same old things every weekend. I like new things. I never used to, but now I am accustomed to trying and enjoying (most) new experiences (or things that are different and I don't get to do too often).
Sydney Opera House for Vivid
This is no different. For those who don't know, Vivid is basically a Sydney lights festival that is held once a year during the end of May/start of June. The city is decorated beautifully and it is a great even to attend. The vibes are great.

This Saturday night just passed, I headed out into the city with a few people I love and we had a great night. The night however didn't go anything like how we had planned (which isn't even a bad thing).

The five of us (myself, Kieran, Maddie, Shiane and Jayden) went into Circular Quay with the intention of waking around enjoying Vivid and getting a meal together. It was freezing so we were all rugged up (coats, boots, jeans- the works). We stopped at the bottle shop and got some beverages (lol). I knew the city would be busy, but I didn't plan on being starving and having no idea where to eat. So one of the boys suggested we should go to Kings Cross. I was like 'uh yeah sure let's go get the pizza they have there'. We wound up catching the train to the Cross and then got our pizza. We were there, so why shouldn't we go and start drinking in a bar? So that's what we did.
Me, Kieran, Maddie and Shiane 
Kieran and myself
Then, once we were all feeling the buzz from a few drinks (and we were sick of the lame music in the bar) we headed over to one of my favourite clubs in the cross. We danced for so many hours I think I lost count. All I know is that we were having the best time and I'm so glad our night took such a random turn. There probably isn't much more I could say about the club (because what happens in the club stays in the club haha).

After we were finishing up clubbing for the night (I remember being absolutely starving which made me keen to leave haha), we went to KFC for a good feed at what I remember being about 3am. Kieran stole half our food (bulk) and then we went and caught the bus home. I definitely enjoyed standing up for almost an hour and a half while Kieran leant on my stomach and slept lol.

We arrived home around 4:30am, tired. That's the only word I had for my feelings at 4:30 in the morning. Tired. I dropped Maddie off home and then Kieran and I went straight to bed. Didn't help that it was freezing in the house because no heaters had been on because no one was home.

I'm so happy that I got to share such a fun night with such a fun bunch of people. We will definitely be at it again soon, which means I will have another blog post coming your way about a good night out!
I think that these photos tell everyone we were having a lot of fun
Thanks for reading everyone, I have a bunch of posts coming your way in the next week!
Kristelle xxxx