Thursday, 25 September 2014

Love is Something to be Celebrated

I would like to raise my hand and say that "I, Kristelle am a sucker for love. I love, love."

Now if you  can think along those same lines as me, then that make me smile. I think love is important and it should be celebrated and acknowledged. One of my favourite times of the year (apart from my birthday which fyi, is in 5 days!) is my anniversary. I like to think as a couple, my boyfriend and I do 'celebrate' the fact we love each other (I use the term celebrate loosely here) quite often. To me that can be anything from sending a cheesy 'I love you so much' text, or going on a date or even just posting a picture of the two of us (I will be honest I post the pictures- my boyfriend isn't a fan of social media because "it's stupid". 

But above all, an anniversary is my favourite thing. When we were younger we would say "happy X months" but never actually do anything to celebrate. Probably because we were <16 years old and probably because even though we said it, saying Happy X Months still sounds stupid to us. If you love the cerebrate months, go for it! Like I said, I'm a sucker for love. 

We celebrate the years. At such a young age (I'm 19 in a few days and he is 18), it's been a struggle to be together as long as we have. Of course there's been bumps along the road (all couples have them) but what makes you strong is your ability to overcome them. Which is why I'm proud to say I have been in a relationship with the most loving, caring boy for the last 4 years. He knows my McDonalds order, but knows I prefer Oporto. He knows that I cry at everything, whether I'm happy/sad/angry. He knows everything about me and I know everything about him. He's my bestfriend and according to him I'm his 'best mate' too. 

We didn't buy presents in the traditional sense this year, we are buying a gift to each other that is still TBA. An anniversary to us is an excuse to dress up nicely and go out to an expensive restaurant and splurge- which is exactly what we do. This year, we went to Ribs and Rumps because, well I love steak and he loves ribs!

Couldn't get a picture of the food because it looked
to good to wait to eat
All in all, our anniversary is just a nice thing to celebrate together and spend time with each other. It's hard for us to make time for each other sometimes, he works full time 8am-4:30pm and nearly always works overtime a few hours, and I go to uni Monday-Wednesday, work 3 nights a week in one job and weekends in another job. Life is crazy busy and we never seem to be free at the same time, which is why when we do get a few hours together here or there and spend Saturday nights together, it's always special.

If you read this cheesy post about me loving my boyfriend, I applaud you and you probably deserve a big piece of chocolate cake. I figured it was about time he got an appreciation post on my blog and this was the perfect excuse for it. 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Conception Day

Hey everyone!

So, university is a fun place. I use the term 'fun' pretty loosely because well essentially university is a place full of learning, never ending homework and assignments and you're meant to study 10 hours a week minimum per subject at home. But, once you get over all that, you get to see the benefits and fun parts of uni. There's the partying, the extra long weekends, the cool people who you find so much in common with. Basically just the adventures you can have (I know there is so much more, but unless you're at uni currently, you probably won't even know what I'm talking about).

One of the greatest days in the uni calendar for myself (and thousands of others) is called 'Conception Day' *pause here for the confusion as to why thousands of people are happily celebrating a day with this name*. Let me start by saying- no it's not a day for everyone to conceive. It has something to do (from what I know) with the birthday of the founder of our uni being at a hard time of the year to celebrate, so instead we celebrate his 'conception' (genius right?).

Essentially Conception Day is a music festival, hosted at my uni with plenty of cool bands, different music stages for different artists/ DJ's (ya know, normal festival stuff). Asides from the music there's cool stuff like jumping castles, photo booths and of course drinking copious amounts of alcohol and hanging out with all the rad people uni has to offer. 

 It's a long day, pre-drinking before noon, making the most of Conception Day from about 12-7pm (and their cheap drinks) before taking the party over to The Ranch. In my case, the party continued first at a few peoples houses on campus before making our way over to The Ranch.

It was such a great day, listened to some great music, saw plenty of people I knew and just got to chill out for a day and enjoy myself. I must say though, it was extremely awkward walking into my uni semi-drunk to start with, but once the atmosphere hits, you're over it immediately. 

 Wanna shoutout to my beautiful friend Katie (above) for her amazing hospitality and lovely motherly skills (spaghetti is always good). 

I'm also glad I got to enjoy the day with my favourite uni pals and that my boyfriend travelled the annoying hour and a half train ride to uni to come and party with us at The Ranch afterwards, even though we were all dead tired.

It was seriously the best day, and I recommend anyone at Mac or who know friends there to go!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Child of the Ocean

I am thoroughly annoyed that I feel like I can't find 30 minutes to blog anymore. My life has gotten so crazy busy that when I have that spare 30 minutes to myself, the last thing I've felt like doing is going back onto my laptop (because I've normally just finished doing homework) so I take a nap instead or call my boyfriend. Blogging isn't the first thing on my mind, but it's been sitting there eating away at me I need to blog again because I actually enjoy it. 

I'm in Week 6 this semester at uni and it is so close to mid-semester break (after week 7) but it still feels forever away. Even worse than that, once it is mid-semester break, it's going to fly by and those two weeks will feel like nothing. 

I got a new job as well (seasonal job so it will be for the summer and on weekends leading up to and after summer) and well I'm pretty excited for it to start. I need a change. I need something fun that I will look forward to going to work again.

I've had plenty of fun little adventures with my friends since I've last posted but I want to dedicate this post in particular to my crazy fun friend Jess. We met at uni this year (well technically she approached me at the train station) and we hung out at uni, then started hanging out outside of uni too. I feel as though she is my mini-me and we are the same in so so many ways, meaning we always have fun together. 

We've been to her favourite place (Newtown) and my all-time favourite place (Narrabeen). From eating Gelato that was so rich it almost made us sick, to swimming in the middle of Winter at the beach, to trying to light a bonfire while it's wet and semi-raining- we've done it all.

Cutest cafe in Narrabeen
The Food was ridiculously good (and cheap) 
Fires don't work when it's raining (learnt the
hard way)
We spend a good 30 minutes taking photos of ourselves
and the beach
Essentially Narrabeen is my favourite place because:
  1. It's the beach
  2. The drive is fun and it doesn't even take too long when you have a dance party in your car
  3. It's actually on my way to uni (hello Summer and good weather, bye uni)
  4. It's peaceful and serene
  5. It isn't Manly beach or Bondi beach (aka. the only beaches everyone seems to know and go to)
  6. It's my little piece of happiness in this crazy world

Jess introduced me to her loves of Newtown and I found my own (bookstores anyone?). I can't wait to go back.

T2 samples in Newtown
I'm still full of regrets from not
trying my luck and buying a book here
Gelato and Gelato Shake. Some kind of
Nutella/coffee flavour if I remember
correctly. So good, yet so sickly
Some of the most beautiful coloured roses I have ever seen. You can tell I am a
flower child can't you?

If you're still reading my blog after all this time, thank you and I will be back soon!
Enjoy all my pictures, I feel they tell the stories more than my words could this time.