Sunday, 27 September 2015

5 year anniversary

I'm really sad I haven't gotten around to writing this post up or actually posting it. It's been a crazy couple of weeks but I needed to write about this. 

It's Monday now (here in Australia anyway, around lunchtime) and last Thursday (24th of September) it was my anniversary. So basically anyone who knows me will know that I'm not usually OTT with my love (I'm not sure why, I'm just not big on hugging everyone and PDA but whatever), but I feel I'm allowed to be soppy and in love on my anniversary because it's special to me. 

24th of September 2015 marks 5 years that I have been with my high school sweetheart. I've written a post previously all about how we met and how our relationship came to be, so if you wanna check that out I'll just link it here.

I believe any amount of time together, no matter how short or how long should be celebrated because it really is a special thing. 

This year, I spent the day babysitting some kids and we witched possibly the worst movie I have seen in a long time (Pixels-- yeah I don't recommend this for anyone lol) and Kieran spend the day working. We didn't really have anything planned and we weren't buying each other presents because a couple of weeks ago we went to the snow as an early anniversary gift to each other- I'll link that post here if you want to check it out. 

All I wanted was a nice quiet night in, but anyway. About 5pm he called me an let me know he was home from work and would be over soon. He got to my house and we sat around and watched a bit of Arrow (I am absolutely obsessed with this show right now- but we only watch it together so we both will be up to the same episodes, sigh).

After a while he said let's go to the city for dinner, so he told me to get dressed (I said I had to do my make up also, but typical Kieran fashion he told me I look better without it- lie), he had spare clothes in a bag and even though the weather was ugly and rainy, he drove us to the city. He also picked Hurricanes for dinner (really nice place for steaks and ribs) and the silly thing didn't think to even make a booking. We had to wait quite a while for a table, but it was okay. In the end we were so hungry when we finally got seated I swore I could've eaten anything. 

He had ribs and chicken and I had a steak and it was a good meal. I had a lot of fun talking and laughing out at dinner with him and that's how I think it should always be. After dinner finished it was about 10pm so we headed home (he had work the next day still) and just hung out and went to bed not much later. 

I will say the highlight (???) of the next morning was when his phone rang multiple times at 5:30am from his work to go early.. But the cherry on top of this beautiful wake up call, is that he sleeps through anything. The phone woke me up and then I had to try wake him up to take the call (which is pretty difficult honestly). Best part was after he left for work I got to go back to sleep :)

Writing this now makes me realise that we actually sound sort of old and boring, but that's the way I like it. A simple meal and being lazy watching one of my favourite shows on Netflix, not sure what more I could ask for. We had had the anniversary adventure, it was time to chill. Plus my birthday is really close to our anniversary so I never expect or ask for anything crazy over the top. 

I think I'll end this little post with the collage of photos that I posted on Instagram and Facebook. 

- The top left: photo is from the end of 2010 when we had just starting dating and spending time at each others houses. I can't even express how much I laugh at that photo. Why am I wearing bunny ears? Look at Kieran's hair! It's also when I though editing all my photos in toycamera analogcolour taken on my Mac was the coolest thing ever... Wow
- Top middle: The year was 2011. This photo was taken in our little mini 'photoshoot' I had a family friend do for us at our Year 10 formal. I still look the same and pretty awkward at that. Kieran has a similar hair cut, bit shorter and no 'rats tail' this time (I don't think you can see it in the last photo though). 
- Top right: Year is 2012. This photo was taken before we both got super drunk at Kieran's first work Christmas party. He was a first year apprentice and I was in Year 11 in high school haha. We both have the same hair styles from the previous year and we both look super young haha
- Bottom left: Year is 2013. I think we both look a bit older in this photo. I look older thanks to make up and fake tan and Kieran got a new hair style haha. This photo was taken at my Year 12 formal (which sadly Kieran wasn't allowed to attend because it was students only).
- Bottom middle: Year is 2014. This photo was taken before (once again) we went out and got super drunk lol. Another Christmas party courtesy of Kieran's awesome workplace. Kieran got shorter hair again. This was also after my first year of university was complete and I was working two jobs at this point so I remember the night out was absolutely awesome. 
- Bottom right: Finally we get to the year 2015 aka now. This photo was taken about a month ago and was a pretty good day. At a wedding for one of Kieran's work friends we both got to dress up nicely (I think I appreciated this more than him because he didn't like wearing a suit lol) and we got to drink (lots) and eat good food and enjoy the love. I have (yes still) kept the same hairstyle over the last 5 years (well same for most of my life tbh). Boob length blonde hair (never dyed). Kieran got shorter hair (again) and I think it suits him like this- he looks more mature. Also I think the difference in our sizes is pretty funny over the years. We both started as these small skinny kids and now he is pretty big and I've grown into my curves a bit more too haha. 

I like looking at the old photos, so many memories and it makes me laugh honestly. 

Thanks if you stuck through and read this whole post, I know it probably wasn't that interesting to anyone. Stay tuned, it's almost my birthday!
Kristelle xx
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Friday, 18 September 2015

Spring happiness

I think Spring may be my favourite season (and not just because it's my birthday season). I love the heat, but Australian Summer's are just way too hot sometimes. Well that and in Summer it always seems to rain a bunch here. 

Spring brings the promise of warmth, fresh flowers and chirping birds. It's cool in the evenings still (but not too cold) and the sun starts to come up earlier again. It's the season I want to be outside and wake up early just to make the most of the day. It's the season you can spend the days at the beach and not come home looking like a tomato even though you've put sunscreen on 20 times that day.

For me Spring means: morning runs, beach days, cafe lunches and evenings out with friends. 

September is nearly over, which means we are into the full swing of Spring. 

I thought I would share some moments that already have made my Spring enjoyable and I know I have so much more to look forward to (including my birthday on October 1st!)

Lunch dates with my bestfriend at amazing cafes. Lamb shanks (top) and french toast (bottom) @ Circa Espresso Parramatta
Technically doesn't fit in with my description of Spring, but was still a part of Spring so I thought I should mention my snow trip with my boyfriend
First beach trip of the season- funny when you realise that I was here the day after I got back from the snow. One extreme to the other!
Of course my first beach trip of the season was with my boyfriend :)
My baby sis graduated high school this year! Was a beautiful day as well (lucky). Mum is on the left, baby sis in the middle and me on the right. Yes I am short I know :(
Fits my description of Spring perfectly. Bondi beach trips with my beautiful bestfriend. Chicken burger top (hers) and vegan burger bottom (mine). @ a lovely little place in North Bondi called Speedos Cafe- defiantly recommend!! 
Bondi Icebergs and Bondi Beach
This photo honestly makes my mouth water! Head over to Speedos Cafe in North Bondi for some of this goodness 

Thanks for reading,
Kristelle xxx

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Snow adventures (in Australia)

Here it is, one of the posts that I have been the most excited to write: all about my snow trip 2015 with my boyfriend. I live in Australia (for those of you who don't know that already) and I stayed in Jindabyne- which is a town in NSW near the snow and I snowboarded at Perisher (one of the few places in NSW you can ski at).

I love going to the snow and it is the only time I will ever put up with the cold (I usually hate the cold as I am a beach lover and Summer is by far my favourite season). But I think the reason that I love the snow so much is because it is something different that I really do not get the opportunity to experience very often (well obviously I live in Australia and not that far from the beach and it just feels like it's always hot here- and even when it's not hot it is nowhere near cold enough for it to ever snow where I live).

So, anyway, back to the snow. I usually go every year, but I didn't go last year and I missed it terribly. I thought it would be a funky idea (does anyone even say funky anymore??) to plan a snow trip with Kieran this year and call it our 'present' to each other for our anniversary. This year will be 5 years together and it seemed like something different we could do. That and we were both dying to go.

So we (and by we I mean I planned it), packed our bags and headed off to the snow. I am the biggest wimp honestly when it comes to risk taking. I'm so scared of getting hurt and sometimes it takes me a little while to get out of my shell and jump out of my comfort zone. This time was really no different, with the first half of my snowboarding day having quite a few tears shed and several tantrums (sorry Kieran lol). But once I got over the fear (and that really is what holds me back but I can't help it) I had the most amazing time. It was beautiful sunny Spring weather, snow was awesome (and there was plenty of it) and there was so much to do. 

I will admit, the bottom half of my body and my arms are still aching now a couple of days later. I was not prepared for all the falling I would do and all of the muscles I would exercise in those couple of days. Ouch. That pretty much sums it all up.

I thought I would share some of the photos of our trip, each photo captures a memory and I am still so happy we got to do this together.
The start of our road trip (before we got lost like 3 times lol) 
Most amazing pretzel/nutella/chocolate filled milkshake from Patissez in Canberra 
First day of snowboarding at Perisher- it was so beautiful out there 
Chairlift selfie
I built a snowman (with a very weirdly shaped head) 
On the last day of snowboarding we got our pictures taken (and it was also really warm- considering he isn't wearing a jacket)

Thanks for reading guys and girls,
Kristelle xx

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Monday, 7 September 2015


I'm going to keep this one short and sweet. 

This is a creative outlet for me. I wish I was better at this, I really do. I wish I had that magical way with words that sweeps people off their feet. I wish I was talented (at well basically anything will do right now).

I feel pretty ordinary. I know that it's hard to ever be the 'best' at something, but it's just one of those days where I question, "Why can't I be the best at something for once? Why does there always have to be someone better?"

I should probably mention that these thoughts are mostly just coming from the fact that I am 300 words away from completing my 2000 word essay due this Thursday afternoon (it's Monday) but I have also deleted and started over several times because reading over my work I realised it's just not good enough. It's bumming me out that I can never be the best. No matter how hard I try, there is always going to be someone who will get a better mark, be more creative and write a better essay. I also know that someone has to be #1, but I would really like to know what that feels like someday...

Study harder they say, well I'm here as living proof it literally isn't that easy. You either have it or you don't. And sadly most of the time, hard work and dedication can not beat hard work, dedication and natural talent. 

Coming from my computer desk at 11:50pm struggling to keep my eyes open but knowing I am probably going to die if I don't get my 'shit together' (so to speak) and finish this essay without deleting and re-writing whole chunks of it again. 

Thanks for reading this (kind of pointless) mini rant (if that's what we are going to call it).

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p.s. still sitting here wondering why I can't have some natural talent when it comes to putting words to paper (or more appropriate, words to keyboard)