Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Summer Bucket List 2016

Here is my Summer Bucket List. If it says 'we' on it, I am probably referring to Kieran and myself because let's be real here, most of this stuff is on the list because I want to do it with him. Also this list is going to be updated every time I think of something new (I make lists in my phone and also lists in my diary, but if I have it published on here I can't lose the lost (I am a genius I know). 
  1. Beach bonfire
  2. Paddleboarding
  3. Ride a jetski
  4. Try something new
  5. Get a new tattoo
  6. Get my full driver's license
  7. Create something beautiful
  8. Fill an album with polaroids of my adventures
  9. Visit a new place 
  10. Go camping 
  11. Go kayaking
  12. Mountain/bushwalking/hiking some place new
  13. Visit Jellybean pool
  14. Go fishing and catch fish that we can cook for dinner
  15. Bike riding at the beach
  16. Visit the markets
  17. Road trip to the Central Coast
  18. Say yes more
  19. Try dirtbike riding
  20. Do a pub crawl
  21. Visit Cockatoo Island
  22. Visit the aquarium 
  23. Watch a beach sunset
  24. Learn to surf (for real this time)
  25. Attend a Marco Polo event
  26. Try aqua golf
  27. Try something different on a menu at a cafe instead of always ordering the same 3 things
  28. Read at least 10 books
  29. Do something nice for someone else
  30. Grow a plant
  31. Attend an 'outside' movie event
  32. Use my birthday present and do the Harbour Bridge Climb
  33. Attend a festival/ outdoor concert
  34. Go swimming at a waterfall
  35. Roadtrip with friends
  36. Take one photo every day for all of Summer and make a mini-video at the end (December 1st until February 29th)
  37. Have a picnic somewhere beautiful
  38. Create tie dye clothes
  39. Swim at a waterfall 
  40. Visit delwood beach 
  41. Visit Neilsons Point 
  42. Visit Somersby Falls 
  43. Visit Milk beach 
  44. Rose Bay
  45. Figure 8 Pools

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Ladies Day Out

Even though it is the time of the year that I should be sitting at home inside studying and not going out drinking and to social events, reading books that don't relate to my uni subjects or watching Netflix for 3 hours. Should be minimising my hours at work for a couple of weeks and not sit on my computer writing blog posts. I seem to go against this and do the complete opposite anyway!

Once such exception was the weekend that has just passed. Ladies Day at the races was so much fun I am so glad that even though the water was horrible and it rained the entire day I still went out and had a fabulous time. 

Ladies day was an excuse to get dressed up, (for most women) put some ridiculous looking fascinator on your head and call it stylish, drink copious amounts of champagne/wine/any alcohol being served, bet on horses and basically just socialise with all the other women around you. I don't participate in all of this (mostly I just enjoy dressing up and drinking alcohol) but it was definitely a good day. One to remember is probably how I am going to choose how to quote it. 

Later the same night I was also invited to go to a club and I almost didn't go. I got home after a long day at the races, put my pyjamas on, ate some food and settled down and started even laying singstar with the fam??? (Side note: I use the term fam to include those who are not actually family, but are close enough they may as well be). But I decided to put more make up on, change my clothes and go back out because in all honesty how many good stories do people have that they remember that went like this "well I was tired so I stayed at home that night....." No.

Turns out, clubbing was a crazy idea. There were barely any people in the clubs compared to what I remember a few months ago? (maybe the weather had something to do with this). The smartest ideas I had all night were:

  1. Leave early enough to catch the last train home of the night so we didn't need to catch a bus
  2. Get popcorn chicken and chips on the way to the train
Turns out as smart as those ideas were, number 1 turned out to be a joke and number 2 didn't even happen. Instead we walked out the club and saw the rain. I don't think I have ever seen it rain harder than it did that night when Kieran and I left the club. Of course it was uphill to get back to the train station and although we ran just to get inside quicker (it was freezing in the rain), it really did no good. When we got to the train station it looked like we had gone swimming. Tipping water out of our shoes, wringing out shirts out and me tying my hair up just so it wouldn't stick to my face. Getting home is always something I dread, but after sitting in sticky wet clothes creating a puddle around us on an air-conditioned train for 50 minutes home freezing cold and hungry, I do not want to experience that again.

Anyway, in typical fashion I will end this post by sharing some of the photos we took that day at the races.

Dress by Atmos&Here from The Iconic
One of my gorgeous bestfriends Maddie
My wonderful boyfriend Kieran 
Dodgy photo of a polaroid we took before we left
One of many glasses we drank that day 
Thanks for reading guys, 
Kristelle xx

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Summer Vibes

Every time it crosses my mind to jump onto my laptop and make a blog post, I sound like a broken record. Starting everything off the same with "well, it's been a while since I made a post...". You all can't see me, but I am shaking my head and rolling my eyes at myself thinking "wow, aren't I clever? What a good way to start the post. Yep I will actually blog more often now".

Truthfully, I know I probably won't. As much as I love to write here and share my thoughts, feelings, views and opinions on life (well pretty much anything), I figure I just don't have that much going on that I know would even be remotely interesting to some people. 

Instead I'm just going to tell everyone what I am excited for this Summer and what I am thankful for right now. 

Bali holiday- 
Less than 6 weeks. First overseas holiday without my fam and first overseas holiday in almost 10 years. Pretty keen to say the least

Finishing uni sem- 
Should be first, but oh well. Done on Friday (not looking forward to the release of marks though. I've gotten lazy. Stopped trying as hard. I am disappointed in myself, but I still have another 3(?) semesters to try and make myself proud again

The mountain of books I have to read-
I recently went on a crazy shopping spree, to buy books of course. Titles I have planned to read this Summer include some new editions and some old favourites. I'll share my list and I want to write something about each book once I've read it. No promises though. Who knows if I'll even make it through half this list, but I'll try. 
  1. The Truth About Forever- Sarah Dessen (oldie)
  2. An Abundance of Katherines- John Green (oldie, wasn't a fan but I will give it another chance)
  3. Dracula- Bram Stoker (oldie but honestly never finished the thing)
  4. The Lovely Bones- Alice Sebold (oldie, needs another read)
  5. Looking For Alaska- John Green (oldie, probably one of my favourite books of all time)
  6. Paradise- Simone Elkeles (oldie and newbie- 2 books part of a series, read the first and haven't read the second)
  7. The Marriage Plot- Jeffrey Eugenides (newbie)
  8. Perfect Chemistry- Simone Elkeles (newbie)
  9. The Opposite of Loneliness- Marina Keegan (newbie)
  10. The Bell Jar- Sylvia Plath (newbie, always wanted to read this, not sure why though)
  11. The Beginning of Everything- Robyn Scheneider (newbie)
  12. The Virgin Suicides- Jeffery Eugenides (newbie)
  13. The Power of Now- Eckhart Tolle (newbie)
  14. The Pact- Jodie Picoult (oldie)
  15. The Catcher in the Rye- J.D Salinger (oldie)
Beach days-
My ultimate favourite thing about Summer. The beach is my home and I am looking forward to being out there as much as I possibly can (wearing my SPF50+ sunscreen of course because I would like to avoid that sun damage if I can)

Creating my bucket list-
Last year was ridiculous, I barely got anything done on my bucket list, but hey let's try again. I'll have this post up by the end of November

That's honestly all I have in my mind right now of what I have to be excited for.

I am thankful that I am happy and healthy. 
I am thankful that I have beautiful friends whom I get to share my happiness with.
I am thankful for my family and all they do for me.
I am thankful for the amazing soul I get to call my boyfriend and whom I get to share all of life's crazy adventures with. 
I am thankful that I get to wake up each day knowing that I have a bright future and it is whatever I make of it. 
I am thankful that I have opportunities and they are endless. 
Lastly, I am thankful that in this crazy, messed up world I am finally figuring out who I am, what I want and how to get it. 

Cheesy as this is, let's end with a very spiritual quote, "Life's a climb, but the view is great". Pretty much sums up my take on life. 

Thanks for reading, next post real soon (I actually promise this- I'm probably writing it write now and saving for later).
Kristelle xxx