Monday, 28 December 2015

What's in my Suitcase: Bali Trip

What’s in my suitcase: Bali trip

Hey everyone! Once again, its been a while since I have written anything here (I am forever sorry about this) but so much has been going on and I am about to be in for an amazing trip with my boyfriend and his family. I am going to try and post daily with my adventures, but I am not sure how my wifi connections are going to be, so the posts might be a little delayed.

27th December, 2015
Flight to Bali: 10am
Landing in Bali: 1:30pm
Flight: 6 hours and 45 minutes

This morning I had to wake up at 4am (yes 4am) to get ready for the trip to the airport (oh joy). In typical fashion I packed my bag the night before so I thought I would start the holiday blogs off with a little bit about what to pack when going to Bali.

So firstly, it’s probably important to note that I am going to Bali for 10 nights/ 11 days. Travelling to, I have one suitcase in checked baggage and a smallish backpack for my carry on luggage.

Carry on bag:
·      Travel diary:
o   Pen (necessary for filling out all the annoying documents)
o   Passport (if you want to leave the country lol)
o   Money $$$
o   Headphones
o   Lip balm
o   Any medications
·      Laptop w/ charger
·      Camera w/ charger
·      Small make up bag (I only brought 4 make up items- wow for me that’s impressive)
o   BB cream (and brush)
o   Concealer
o   Mascara
o   Powder (and brush)
·      Sunglasses (for when you’re off the plane)
·      A book (my choice today was ‘The Marriage Plot’

Suitcase: (you really don’t need to pack heavy for this one as everything is so cheap over in Indonesia you can just buy a lot of the stuff over there. This is what I packed for an 11 day/10 night trip.
·      5 bikinis (I like variety, its probably overboard and I’m sure 2 would have been fine)
·      Enough underwear and bras
·      1x dress
·      4x tops
·      1x denim shorts
·      2x cotton shorts
·      2x gym outfits
·      3 pairs of shoes (thongs, sandals, converse- I’m wearing my gym shoes on the plane)
·      1x set of pajamas
·      1x cap and 1 floppy brimmed hat
·      1x loose long pants (to cover up when going and visiting temples etc.)
·      4x pairs of socks
·      1x book for the trip/flight home (my choice was ‘The Power of Now’
·      Toiletries (only because there are the certain brands of things that I prefer and I didn’t want to not be able to find what I like when I’m over there
o   Shampoo and conditioner
o   Sunscreen
o   Toothbrush + toothpaste
o   Razor and shaving gel
o   Deodorant

When you first read the list, you may think that I have packed a lot (or a little I guess depending on your definition). But considering and I am that person who always packs way too much crap every time I go somewhere so this is a really good effort for me. When going camping for 2 nights this would be the amount of items I would take (lol). I am planning on buying my remaining outfits when I am over in Bali as I really only have enough outfits for half the trip (being mindful that I will probably be wearing more than one outfit each day).

You can follow my Bali adventures on Instagram and snapchat and I will also be trying to post daily blog posts (based on my ability to get a strong enough wifi connection, and depending if it is for free or not haha).
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Thanks for reading until next post,

Kristelle xxx