Saturday, 2 January 2016

Day 4: Bali Adventures

Today marked the last morning we would wake up at Melasti Beach Resort! After lunch today we headed to our new destination just outside of Seminyak.

But let’s start off with the morning. We got up nice and early (I think I am starting a trend here) and did some shopping (also how unusual of us- shopping). We bought some more things, mostly clothes and shoes and met some more lovely locals. It’s a huge mix between some of the nicest people I have met and some of the rudest. On the one hand you get the beautiful people wishing you a nice day, asking how you are and even just saying hello good morning. But on the other hand, you get the people who are very in your face and rude especially when you are walking down the street and don’t want to buy something from their stores. 

After a hot couple of hours shopping we came back for a swim (again how different of us) and then we went and had lunch after a few drinks by the pool.

After lunch it was time for us to get a car over to our next stop on this trip- Anyar Estate Villas. Considering it wasn't meant to be very far away, the trip in the car took about and hour and a half. I feel like I will never complain about Sydney traffic again after being on the streets here in Bali. I feel like the traffic is made up because
a) there are lots and lots of people
b) the roads are often narrow and people just stop on the "side" of the road whenever they want to 
c) the scooters and motorbikes weave in and out of cars like no tomorrow and finally 
d) everyone here seems to have total disregard for any kind of road rule you can imagine?

I don't think I will get over seeing a family of 4 riding a scooter together, mothers carrying babies and small children in their arms sitting in cars and even on scooters, people wearing thongs and no helmets and even the tightest of spaces people seem to somehow manoeuvre in and around the cars. It is insane. 

Moving forward, we arrived at our villas and I am at a loss for words. It was incredible. Private villas with a pool, beautiful outdoor area, king bedrooms with ensuites. I am definitely still the most excited about the bathroom. It is an open bathroom with an outdoor toilet/shower that opens up into plants and trees and it is beautiful. There was also an outdoor living area and open kitchen set up for our villa. Words don't do it justice, so when I have faster Internet I will be inserting all the photos I can. 

The remainder of the day was spent swimming and eating and drinking. The usual, but this time by a private pool. 

Early night again because who knows what adventure will await us tomorrow morning :-)

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Thanks for reading (and bare with me, there will be photos soon!)
Kristelle xx