Saturday, 2 January 2016

Day 5: New Year's Eve In Bali

The last day of 2015. Wow. Not to sound like everyone else out there, but man has time flown by this year. It feels like a couple of weeks ago I celebrated my 20th birthday (it was actually in the start of October), I've just finished the first semester of the year (actually in June) and only a month or two ago I celebrated Kieran's birthday (it's actually at the end of February).

This year left me with so many good (and bad) memories. But, being the person I am I literally just forget and push away all the negative just so I can soak up all the happiness I have had during the year.

I did feel a little sad when I sat down with Kieran and we were talking about everything that we had accomplished this year. I just didn't really feel like I had anything noteworthy or important to mention. This year was sort of just a middle year for me. I am mid way through uni, kept the same job and haven't really done anything else crazy or out there. But I did pick out that it is a good thing to keep a steady job and I did achieve my first distinction at uni and I managed to save up enough money to buy myself a car and come on a holiday to Bali. So off the top of my head those things were pretty important to me because I have been wanting to buy myself a car and travel overseas and I managed it all on my own which is something to be proud of. 

This New Year's was going to be the first one I have spent out of Australia (ever) and the first one in at least 5 or 6 years that I haven't spent at my trusty summer beach holiday (aka my real home) by the beach. It was going to be interesting. 

The day starting off with fresh fruit and some eggs on toast for break, followed by some shopping to be done at Seminyak Square accompanied by lunch. I bought a few things but overall I was pretty disappointed with the shopping there. Everything was expensive and there weren't many street markets (that is where all the good stuff is at). The shopping was definitely much better in Kuta and Legion, so I am hoping I will get the chance to go back there and buy some more because I have spent barely anything here!

After shopping out in the heat we went back to our villa and went for a swim for a little while before getting dressed and heading out to a bar with the whole crew and having a few drinks to get us going for the evening. I was definitely getting so tired by this point I really didn't know how I was going to make it through the night. 

We had dinner altogether and then starting drinking some more, ending up in the pool in the main villa because that's right, it is stinking hot in Bali! It was super chill and honestly not really what I had in mind or imagined for my New Year's, but somehow it all just seemed right and it worked. New Years in Australia was 9pm (our time) and we kind of starting celebrating it all then because everyone (myself included) still feels like that time is super later and we were all exhausted.

One thing that is absolutely insane here, are the amount of fireworks. Honestly, since the early afternoon until well through the night (technically the next morning) fireworks were constantly going off. Some were far away but you could see (and hear) them in the distance. Some were so close I could swear they were just out on the road outside the villas. There were so many loud bangs and bright lights I didn't know whether to be excited, annoyed they wouldn't stop or concerned someone may have just blown themselves up (lol). 

Eventually Kieran and I left the group and came back to our room and that was when all the deep talks about what we accomplished this year and what we loved happened. Even though we spend a lot of time together and are always out and about, I don't think we sit down and have those kind of talks that often because we are too busy with all the other stuff. It was a beautiful way to end the year, even though it wasn't what I imagined it was somehow perfect in its own way. 

We ended up falling asleep just before 11:30pm but that's okay, we knew we made the most of the day and that we needed to rest up for the adventures 2016 would shortly be bringing us. 

Peace, love and happiness to all I hope you all had a magical New Year's (if not, I hope 2016 brings you better times). I am so thankful for what (and who) I have in my life I can not wait to adventure into a new year.

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Thank you for reading (again)
Kristelle xxx